Book Signings with Lorna Miser

How does Lorna do it?  How does she keep up with all the demands on her time?  Heaven knows the Guild had her running all over teaching this and signing that.  What a great sport she’s been!

We started her off at Unraveled Sheep doing a small demo and a book signing there.  By the way, a huge thank you goes out to Verla and her gang over at Unraveled Sheep for hosting the signing even though they’re in the middle of remodeling.  You’re wonderful, Verla!

Next, we were off to Three Wishes Fiber Arts (thank you, Kristine, for hosting us!) for another small demo and book signing.  We also shared that special day with Marielle who was celebrating her birthday.  Naturally, it was tiaras and chocolate all around.  Would you expect anything less?!  As it just so happens, it was also Lorna’s birthday. Kristine and Marielle made sure to make Lorna feel like a queen on her special day with a gift of her very own tiara and an assortment of chocolates.  Way to go, gals! Wasn’t that sweet?

Tomorrow holds another demo and signing at Black Sheep Wool Co. downtown.  Naturally, Lorna will be a raging success there too!

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