Yarn Bombing!

Today is the day that everyone is putting up their yarn bombing projects all around the campus of the City County Building in downtown SLC.  It’s amazing what people have been working on: Blazing Needles had several people working on covering a Mini Cooper!  Someone covered a vintage Schwinn bike and even included gloves on the handles and shoes on the pedals as if an invisible person were riding it.  Wow!  There were garlands and owls and birds hanging in trees;  that aforementioned bookworm was there, finally finished with arms and a book to read; little fishies on poles, a “hat tree” (beanies hanging all over a tree), and a million more things!  You would truly be amazed at the creativity of the stitchers who have participated in this.

The actual arts festival will be June 23-26 on the grounds of the City County Building located at 349 S 200 E in downtown Salt Lake City. Come see all the amazing art as well as all the fiber arts that will be on display.

Check out this link for more pictures of the installation:


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