Patty Lyons’ Classes Announced

The Salt Lake Knitting Guild is hosting Patty Lyons, a nationally acclaimed knitting teacher, in Salt Lake City, March 11-12, 2017. While we have not yet settled on a location, we have confirmed that she will be teaching the following knitting classes.

Design Your Own Top Down Raglan – a 6-hour class

Top Down Raglan is not only a fun way to knit, but a simple and easy way to design. A raglan can fit you well if you know the simple math of how the pieces work (no more too tight or too loose armholes ). After you learn how to properly measure yourself for top down and get your own custom measurement sheet, we will explore ever aspect of design from the cast on to finish. We will learn a variety of necklines, waist shaping, and After this class you will not only be able to create your own garments, but you will understand how top down patterns are written and know how to alter existing patterns. Your perfectly fit sweater awaits you. WARNING: Math is used in sweater design.

Patty’s Knitting Bag of Tricks – a 3-hour class

There are so many wonderful knitting tricks that make our lives better. Over the years of knitting and teaching I’ve accumulated quite a few fantastic tricks.  I love it when I’m teaching a class and a student declares “I love that tip”.  So, I’ve decided to dig into my knitting bag of tricks and put them all in one class.  From how to do a better SSK, make matching size YOs, to how to avoid the gap at the end of a bind off, how to tighten your first stitch, how to make better neck divides, and more. Get ready to find your new favorite knitting tricks.

Secrets to Spectacular Sweater Success – a 3-hour class

There are so many ways your sweater can go wrong but even more ways it can go sooo right. In this “all things sweater” over view class will cover some of the most important things you need to know, as well as a host of fantastic hands on knitting tips to get you to your perfect sweater. After a brief exploration of fiber & pattern choice, we will look at swatching best practices that go far beyond gauge.  We will also take a peek into the pattern to see what it will and won’t tell us. Next we will delve into specific knitting techniques to discover a host of “the pattern never told you that” knitting refinements; from better cast ons, ways to improve the look of your rib, shaping, shoulders and over all fabric as well as a few fantastic bind offs. Finally we’ll address some finishing issues that plague many a knitter, when we explore the best practice for picking up stitches,
(including the oh so tricky button band on a v neck trauma) as well as the best way to set in a sleeve. Discover the secrets and make this the year of your perfect sweater 

As usual, guild members will have the opportunity to register for classes in early 2017, before the general public. These classes are expected to fill up quickly, so watch your email and the Guild website for notice that registration is open.

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