About Us

Our Mission

“To encourage and support the ongoing development of skills and creativity in knitting by providing fellowship and education opportunities.”

Salt Lake Knitting Guild is organized to promote the artistry and skill of the craft of knitting through workshops, monthly meetings, and informal knitting groups throughout the community.  We provide an educational and supportive environment for knitters of all levels from beginning to advanced.

Philanthropic projects are encouraged to provide support to charitable and non-profit organizations especially those in the Salt Lake area.

Who We Are

  • We are knitters sharing our love and passion for knitting, knit design, and crocheting.
  • We are women (but also men!), ranging in age from 20s to 80s.
  • We are a mix of beginners, advanced knitters, and blue-ribbon winners…and we love to share!
  • We are like family. We are traditional, adventurous, and often like to “break the rules.” We love knitting, and hope you do too!
  • Our members primarily live in Salt Lake City, Utah and its surrounding areas. But we also have members nationwide who support us and visit us from time to time.

Please Join Us!

Guests are welcome to attend 2 free meetings before joining, and more membership information is available here.

Help spread the word!